Purifcation tank Furnace Pipe cleaning Bottle washer

Used to agitate sediment and for purification at water treatment plants.


The blower can help boost burn performance and promote exhaust gas removal.

Used to remove dust and rust when replacing piping or conducting periodic inspections.


Used to remove water droplets remaining inside bottles after washing.
Fertilzer production using manure fermentation Plating tank Gas burner Airbrush
Used to hasten fermentation by feeding air.

To improve the qualitty of plating, air is fed into the tank to recirculate the electrolyte. The Roots blower is used as the air source.


High-pressure discharge air can be used to dipperse the fuel. High-pressure discharge air containing no oil is extremely well-received for airbrush applications.
Fishery pond enzyme supply Printing press paper feed Sandblasting Spraying

Used for underwater enzyme supply in comparatively shallow ponds.


Operations are simplified by using discharge air to separate, align and feed the paper. Used as the air source for sandblasting. Used to supply high-pressure discharge air containing no oil to the sprayer.
Stamping die Therapeutic bath Backwash Ballast pump
Used to remove the stamped warkpiece from the die. Widely used in hospitals and hotels for healthy bath aeration. Used as a backwash for filters.

Used for liguid chemical ship lowering and other types of ballast pumping.


Dessication line Grain transfer Particles transport Circulation

Used on small-scale dessication lines.


Used for pneumatri transport of wheat or other grain separated by a rotary valve.


Used for air transfer of pellet materials such as vinyl chloride or polyethylene (can also be used for suction type applications). Used for the recirculation of nitrogen carbon dioxide, city gas, LP gas, etc.